Prizma Group comprises different companies, operating in distinct markets, such as Turkey, Canada, Japain and China.

Created in 1997, the business of the Prizma Company has been, since it's beginning, the commercialization of furniture in Turkey.  However, the company rapidly developed its activity and broadened it's sphere of action into other areas, such as international trade.

Under the heading Products, one can become familiarized with the range of articles and services offered by our company.  However, with a structure of approximately 200 employees total, Prizmas mission, within the markets in which it operates, is to offer it's clients, the best price-quality products, an efficient and dynamic technical assistance, a team of qualified professionals, and above all, a smile of sympathy and confidence, so that the company can maintain a stable and enduring relation with it's clients.

By following this philosophy, together with a high professional level, the company has been consolidating it's position within the different activity sectors.  It has shown a modern attitude of leadership, observing the evolution and fluctuations of the market, in order to be able to efficiently meet the requirements of those that daily put their trust in our company.